Best places
in Budějce

Evžen’s tour through
one unforgettable day in Budějce

07:00 - 09:00 am

The day begins with the “pikador”

Future regulars, welcome to Budějce! You’ve made a good choice to come by train, later, it will come in handy. You’re probably hungry after that trip. Ask for “pikador” * at the station buffet. And watch out for the pronunciation, so that everybody gets you here.

(*pikador or hotdog, translator’s note.)

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09:00 am - 12:00 pm

The Samson fountain in the Budějce square

Walking from the train station you will reach Přemysl Otakar II. Square, where the baroque jewel of Samson’s fountain is located. Our fountain is one of the greatest of his kind in the Czech Republic and represents the symbol of the city. According to it, we have named our beer as well.

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12:00 - 04:00 pm

Samson brewery

And now let’s move straight to the brewery. This is where the amazing beer is born, which I call the love of my life. In June, the festival Samsonfest is held here, the brewery gates will open to the public. You shouldn’t miss it!

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04:00 - 11:59 pm

Na Spojce – a cult issue

Every local knows what the pub Na Spojce is about. No wonder, I have nursed it with a great care. The atmosphere there, that’s something you won´t forget. And the beer is marvelous! But no more speaking, just come and see.

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00:00 - 05:00 am

Dawn at the Malše River

Spojka is simply the best, but those guys just have to close eventually. Have one bottled one at the Malše River, so that you don’t get out of shape. And then straight back to the train station

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