The history of our brewery

You probably got it that I remember something. But in 1265, I really wasn’t here yet. However, in Budějce, they started brewing the first beer already.

Since 1795, they have been brewing beer in bulk in Budějce. In this memorable year Samson was born.

Budějce beer tasted all over the world. In the 19th century, they built a brewery in the Linecké suburbs, where Samson is brewed today.

Government officials in Prague instructed to develop beer for drivers, which resulted in creating the legendary Pito.

In 1986 I was born the second time. That year I started drawing beer at Spojka. A lot of you know the meals, beer, and shots from Evžen :)

This year AB InBev bought Samson and put the brewery back in gears. Beer maintains a great quality in each batch, and I know something about it.

Samson has been winning beer competitions. But I most appreciate, when satisfied regulars return there, where Samson is draught. Come too!