The history of our brewery

It might seem like a million years ago, but this was the year in which they started brewing beer in České Budějovice.

From 1795, the brewing of beer in České Budějovice significantly increased in volume. And this is also the beginning of the Samson brewery. Some townsfolk of České Budějovice who held the right to brew beer founded a company to produce and sell beer.

Beer from České Budějovice is enjoyed throughout the world, and so in 1847 they started to construct the brewery in Linecké předměstí where Samson beer is made to this day.

This was the year in which the first beer for drivers was invented, a beer you know today as the legendary “Pito”. The name “Pito” connects two Czech words: “pivo” (beer) and “auto” (car), as it is a beverage intended (not only) for drivers.

In 2014, the Samson brewery was bought by AB InBev and its fame renewed. Now every batch of our beer is made to the same exacting quality standards—something I can vouch for.

Our beer has won many awards throughout the world, making me incredibly happy. But what makes me even happier is the fact that you like it as well.