Samson Brewery confirms triumph in London. Three golds and a bronze.

České Budějovice, 19 September 2019 – Budějovice beer scores in world competitions. After the success of last year, Samson Brewery took part in the prestigious World Beer Awards in London again in 2019.
With astonishing success, in fact. Samson Brewery shone with its special Samson BOCK in the Lager Bock category, taking home the title of World’s Best Lager Bock. It also won gold medals in the best dark lager category and the best non-alcoholic beer from the Czech Republic category. In doing so it followed on from the success of last year, when it took home a gold and a silver from London.

Samson Brewery proved that it swears by the quality of its beer and has earned a place in the premier league of world beers. Evidence that it has plenty to offer is provided by the broad portfolio of the brewery and by the fact that not one, but four types of its beer won awards. After all, it took home three golds and one bronze from the prestigious WBA.

The special Samson BOCK was the absolute, worldwide winner in its category. The non-alcoholic Pito, allowing drinkers to drive without having to miss out on the taste of beer, took first position among Czech non-alcoholic beers. Samson dark lager also came first in the dark beers category. There was also a highly-respectable bronze in the Best Lager Czech-style Pale brewed in the Czech Republic category for Samson pale lager.

“We are delighted that Czechs are coming back to Samson and that our beer is gaining recognition in the international field. Investment by brewery concern AB InBev, which bought the brewery in 2014, means that we can again bring a stable, high quality of beer. I am very pleased that winning again in such a prestigious competition as the one in London confirms that quality,” says Daniel Dřevikovský, General Director of Samson Brewery.

The World Beer Awards is a prestigious international competition that chooses the best beers in different categories and is among the elite of the European contests. The results of the competition are decided by an international panel consisting of members from all over the world, authorities in the field.

“Given that strong lagers have become more and more popular in recent years and we want to keep up with the times, we decided to brew our own special beer. After long debate, over a beer of course, we decided that it would be best to look into the history of the Samson Brewery. We found our inspiration in a book, 124 years old, that our predecessors published to mark the 100th anniversary of the foundation of our brewery. And we found that a strong lager bock was made at the brewery at that time. After that, it was simply a matter of getting down to business and brewing the strong Samson BOCK. Our chief brewer and his team truly did manage to build on the tradition, winning the World’s Best Lager Bock prize in London!" adds Daniel Dřevikovský.

Previous years were also very successful for the brewery. Samson lager was named the Best Lager Czech-type Pale brewed in the Czech Republic at the World Beer Awards in London. Its Pito non-alcoholic beer, meanwhile, won a silver medal in its category in the same competition. Samson also captivated the panel at the Brussels Beer Challenge, where last year it was awarded a Certificate of Excellence. Samson lager also scored points among Czech beer experts in the “První pivní extraliga” (First Beer Premier League) competition the same year, the panel awarding it second place among Czech beers.

Pivovar Samson, a.s., České Budějovice, is part of the portfolio of brewery company AB InBev, the largest beer concern in the world. Its other brands include Stella Artois, Corona and Beck´s. The Czech Republic, as a beer superpower, is gaining a more important position in its portfolio, helped by investment in the country’s traditional brands, like Samson.

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